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At the John Hripko Real Estate Team we want to make the process of buying your next living space as simple and worry free as possible. To assist you, we have created an easy 8 step buying process that enables you to make an educated and hassle free decision on your condo purchase. Take the first step by reviewing the sections below where you would like to begin and get more information.

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Preparing to shop

Finding a new place to live is an exciting experience, however it can also become frustrating and time consuming, if you are not knowledgeable. As a property can be sold in a matter of hours, you need to be prepared to move quickly, which is why clients turn to the John Hripko Real Estate Team. Our unique approach simplifies the buying process with a professional team, who possesses the marketplace expertise and experience to ensure you find your ideal condominium quickly.

Before starting your search, answering these simple questions below can make your condominium search easier, faster and more enjoyable. Now you are ready to build a condominium wish list and begin your search.

Financing your condo

Buying a new residence may be the single most expensive purchase you make in your lifetime – surpassing a car, school or a child’s education. The majority of people finance their condominium purchase by taking out a loan. Applying for a loan is a highly complex and time consuming procedure. It is critical that you understand what you can afford and the process you will go through to obtain financing. At the John Hripko Real Estate Team our objective is to eliminate the complexity and simplify this process so it is hassle free on your end. We ensure you have an understanding of the loan process, assisting you each step of the way. The following sections will help you to familiarize yourself with the loan process, costs and options

Finding a broker

Buying a new condominium is a complex and time consuming process to manage. A knowledgeable and focused real estate broker can be the key to finding your dream condominium quickly and easily.

When choosing your broker keep in mind our goal at the John Hripko Real Estate Team is to guide you through the condominium buying process step by step and ensure you make the best choice possible. All our professional agents possess in-depth knowledge of the condominium market, and are trained to provide our clients with the finest in personalized service. Our goal is to ensure your real estate experience is exceptional.

Finding a condo

Finding and choosing the right condominium can be a daunting challenge. Condominiums can be on the market for a couple of days or a couple of hours. Given the volatile nature of the condominium market, you need to be prepared and ready to act when you find the place for you. This is why it is imperative to have an agent who not only understands your needs, but can help you to navigate the marketplace.

The John Hripko Real Estate Team will help you to explore the neighborhoods, building and unit types that best match your desires, lifestyle and budget. We will help you create a wish list and turn it into a reality checklist. We continually monitor the marketplace and contact you the moment a new listing is available that maps to what you want.

Making an offer

When you find the right condominium, that’s the time to make an offer. This part of the process is straightforward – you make an offer and the seller accepts or rejects it. The method you use to determine the price and what makes up the offer is what can be complicated. This is also the stage where you will come to rely the most on your broker’s experience and marketplace knowledge.


Good negotiating is the key to getting what you want when you buy your condominium. You have to be prepared for the negotiation process. In the following section we will outline the key negotiating points of buying a condo, how to work through the counter offer and other negotiating strategies. An experienced agent can make the difference during the process. The John Hripko Real Estate Team has some of the most experienced agents in the business who will work tirelessly to ensure you have the best deal.


This step is the command performance. Closing is easier to understand if you approach it in two phases, the pre-closing and the close of escrow. The pre-closing is the time period where both parties meet their obligations under the contract, such as the property inspection. The close of escrow is when you sign and file all necessary paperwork, get your deed recorded, and take possession.

Moving In

Moving into your new condominium is the final stage of the buying process. There will be several details you will need to attend to during your move and your John Hripko Real Estate Team agent can help you with each of them. There are two main steps in the moving in phase – taking possession and planning your move.

Taking Possession

Taking possession is the first step in moving. Possession is the physical act of taking over your new space, and it usually takes place at the final closing. There are circumstances where possession occurs after the closing, usually when the seller request to stay in the property for a set amount of time. This is called a post-closing possession and you want to avoid this circumstance whenever possible. If the seller does require a post-closing possession, you should charge a reasonable rent to cover your mortgage, homeowners insurance and taxes.

Planning your move

Planning any move is a complex process. There are several details to manage during your move – coordinating renovations, finding the right moving company etc – Work with your John Hripko Real Estate Team agent in helping put these plans into motions. To make your move easier, you will find a moving to do list with some suggestions on working with a moving company:


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