Buying and Selling – The Real Estate Market in Calgary

Buying and Selling – The Real Estate Market in Calgary

sale-3-1232734It’s no secret that the real estate market in Calgary was one of the best in 2014. In fact, there was over $10.9 billion in sales over 10 months. Since then, the figures have dropped, but the market is still seeing quick turnarounds in sales. There are a few things to keep in mind when buying and selling Calgary real estate.

Despite the numbers, selling your home should not be a difficult task. If you are planning to sell your home or Calgary luxury condo, it is important that you consider the state of today’s market. Even though sales are not as high as 2014, if your home is priced correctly, you should see be able to stay ahead of the market. If you price your home based on last year’s figures, you might find yourself having to reduce the price over time.

Therefore, you want to price your home based on where the Calgary real estate market is headed, not where it has been. Keeping the always-changing trends in mind while dealing with Calgary real estate can be very crucial to your sales.

With that being said, it is currently a buyer’s market in Calgary. Buyers can find a luxury home or condo that meets their needs for a reasonable price.  In fact, if you are looking for a Calgary real estate agent to help you find a home that meets your needs and budget, the John Hripko Real Estate Team can help.

rooftop-garden-slide-1Ranked in the top 1% of realtors in North America, the team at the John Hripko Real Estate Team have extensive experience helping customers find luxury homes and condos in the Calgary area. They also specialize in selling your home. The Calgary real estate agents at the John Hripko Real Estate Team remain up to date with the latest real estate trends and can price your home to sell.

Understanding that selling your home can be a difficult and overwhelming process, these Calgary real estate agents will handle all of the necessary tasks required to sell your house. For those looking to purchase, they will work with you from start to finish to ensure that you find the home you are looking for within your budget.

Even though the real estate numbers have dropped in Calgary, it is still a prime real estate market. If you are interested in selling your home or buying a home in Calgary, contact the professionals at the John Hripko Real Estate Team by visiting their website at

Calgary Real Estate Chart ( October – November 2015)

Monthly Month to Date Month to Date
City of Calgary Oct-14 Oct-15 % change Nov-14 Nov-15 % change
Total Sales 2,130 1,424 -33.15% 531 403 -24.11%
New Listings 2,911 2,678 -8.00% 687 761 10.77%
Active Listings 4,643 5,583 20.25% 4,496 5,652 25.71%
Median 430,000 419,000 -2.56% 434,000 413,000 -4.84%
Average Price 487,210 457,507 -6.10% 486,004 464,136 -4.50%
Days on Market 37 41 10.81% 38 46 21.05%
Benchmark Price 458,400 453,100 -1.16% N/A N/A N/A

Note: Only includes properties within Calgary city limits.
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