Royal LePage Shelter Foundation – Shelter and Hope for Women and their Children

Royal LePage Shelter Foundation – Shelter and Hope for Women and their Children

rlp_0001s_0003_about-shelterFinding a home for people means more than just finding them a place to live. You are helping them find a Calgary home to put down roots in a place they will hold close to their hearts for many years to come. Most people will stay in the Calgary home or the Calgary condo they choose for a good portion of their lives. This house will represent the place their kids will remember as home and they know they will always have a place to come back to as they grow older.  As realtors we sometimes forget how monumental this decision is until we reflect on these essays and videos from Canadian students and they remind us how much comfort a home does give.

logo_smallWhen you are in a business like Calgary Real Estate, you end up finding homes for many of your friends and relatives. This is a great honor as well as a huge responsibility because you will, more than likely, grow old with many of these people. Despite helping the people that are closest to you, there is no greater feeling than helping people that are in need of shelter. We have been doing this through the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. This organization finds shelter and hope for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. The foundation raises money to allow these battered women a safe place for themselves and their children as well as funding violence prevention programs in areas all around Canada. The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation receives funding from Royal Lepage staff along with their family and friends.  It has become the largest public Canadian foundation that helps provide shelters to those who have suffered from domestic violence.  There are 30,000 women and children helped each year with a temporary, safe haven to rest and begin recovering from the terrible effects of domestic violence.

rlp_0001s_0001_how-can-we-helpThe Royal LePage Shelter Foundation feels their work will not be completed until every woman and child in need has a safe place they can call their own where they can live free of violence and fear. Across Canada, there were close to 8,000 women and children in shelters on one night surveyed in April of 2014. Most of the women in these shelters are there because they are trying to run from a place that has been filled with emotional and physical abuse while some are there because they have nowhere else to turn. Another reason many of these women take advantage of these shelters is because they want to protect their children from seeing the abuse and teach them how to not become victims themselves. The Royal LePage emergency shelters and others like it across Canada help these women and children who are trying to find relief from domestic violence.

Shelters across Canada must still turn victims away from a safe haven because they don’t have the room despite all of their ongoing efforts. Calgary real estate is looking for your support to help us find a place for anyone who needs it. By donating funds for these shelters you can provide rest for these weary women and children who have lived through devastating experiences. The funds will provide prevention initiatives and educational funding so that every home in Canada will be a supportive and safe home. The Ride for Shelter began three years ago as an annual fundraiser to help raise money for victims of domestic abuse. Every year many of the same people ride to help raise funds to help the families whose homes aren’t safe like they should be. The goals this year for the Ride for Shelter is $5,000. With your help and with the help of Calgary Real Estate, we can easily double this goal. If you wish to make a donation, visit the Make a Statement for Shelter web page.

With everyone working together, we can make Canada a place that everyone can call home.